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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fallan Stark
Singin' in the Rain: the making of an American Masterpiece
pg 52

This book is about how they made the movie Singin' in the Rain, so it is a bunch of biographies and recollections of how the movie was put together. I haven't really read a book similar, except for Danny Boy, which I have yet to complete. Danny Boy is a book on the history of how they wrote the song Danny Boy. It talks about how the song was probably written in the time of the Anglo Saxons, which ironically, I was reading the book about the same time as we covered that subject in class, which made it more enjoyable because I had a better understanding of it. From the little bit that I read, there were no biographies, however it is similar to this book because it is the history of the subject. Danny Boy is a song and Singin' in the Rain is a musical which has many songs. They are both nonfiction.

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  1. Singin' in the Rain was actually a pretty good movie.

    I've heard somewhere that Gene Kelly was actually a really big jerk though. Is that true?

    And also, does knowing some of this background information change your opinion of the movie?


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