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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Lucky One
By Nicholas Sparks
pg. 35

I had finished my book for my next project already so I started to read this new book. Since I just started this book there has been no theme developed yet. There have been a few small conflicts and I am starting to get to know the characters. One conflict was character versus self...Clayton versus himself when he looses the camera he "borrowed" from the police station where he works. He struggles to find the camera and is worried what his dad will think when the camera comes up missing (his dad works at the police station too). He also wasn't using the camera what it was supposed to be used for as well, and that just makes it worse. So when his dad happens to find the camera with bad pictures on it, what will he think? So I guess a predicted theme could be careful with what is not yours. The book is in 3rd person and each chapter is set aside for different characters; telling each of their stories. I am assuming they will all link together in the end of the book. I have only been told about the characters Clayton, Thibault and his dog Zeus, and Beth. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this book and learning what the theme will be.

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