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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Prozac Nation
Elizabeth Wurtzel
Finished book

One of the themes of my book was that do not let others depict your future and how you live your life. It was shown through Elizabeth's interactions with other people. Elizabeth her whole childhood let her father tear her down and make her feel like he really was not a father to her at all. Because of his actions, she was always trying to find the male figure in her life for support her which lead her to the wrong path with men. Also, she was always trying to fit the perfect child for her mother, and she never just took the time to think about herself and what she truly needed. Because of both of these interactions and many others with random men and friends, Elizabeth fell into a life of depression and struggled for many years with it. It was those relationships that made her feel less of a person.


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  2. Do you feel the theme relates to your life at all? Or do you feel it is a theme that everyone should go by?

  3. This seems like a really sad book...Did you like this book? I don't like sad book so I probably wouldn't like it...Anyways, have you ever read another book with a similar theme? It sounds like a pretty universal theme that would work for other books as well...


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