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Friday, December 3, 2010

Elizabeth Bower

The Rescue by nicholas sparks
pg 125-190

I really haven't read a book that is like this one. i have read all lot of books before but this is the first love/romance book i have read. i normally read action packed books. In somne way this book reminds me of different nicholas spark books. There is action in it, and enough mystery in it that you want to keep reading more and more. It has love and romance in it because that what kind of books he writes. It is a love story which i think Nicholas Sparks is very good at writing very written books. This book reminds me of the book "the notebook", which is another really good book. They both have similar themes, they both have some sort of tragety, they both have a unquie love in it, But they so different too. "The notebook" has a completely different twist on it then this book. although i haven't quit found out the twist in this book. it has hinted at it and i have a guess to what it is, but then again it could be anything. one thing i do know about Nicholas sparks's writing is it always has a twist, always. In the notebook, she was his wife, and they died together. In dear john she marries some other guy, and in this book, well i have to wait and see.

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