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Friday, December 3, 2010

By: Chris Lynch
Pg. 104
I'm going to compare my book to the relationships that I see today. My book is about Keir Sarafian, a senior and about how he basically forces the girl he likes into a relationship with him. Gigi, the girl, and Keir have been friends for most of their lives and Keir ruins their freidnship by pretty much raping her. He denies it because he's always been such a "good guy" and he would never do something that terrible, but Gigi knows what really happened. Many relationships today have this happening, physical and verbal abuse. This is a nonfiction book, so it easily compares with real life situations. Also in throughout the story, Keir plays in a football game and takes out his anger about the whole raping situation on his opponent. He had tackled him so hard that he paralyzed the kid. From then on, Keir was nick named, "Killer". I haven't even read a book about this before, besides my previous book. But that book wasn't so much about people being abusive, it was more of guys being controlling and how those kinds of relationships can ruin friendships and families.

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