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Thursday, December 2, 2010

By: Laurie Halse Anderson
pg. 150

Tabitha Payne

I have read a book similar to this one by the suspense and drama part of it. Speak is suspenseful but not all the way through the book cause she called the cops at a party and everyone is made at her for it and you dont find out till the end of the book what it was and so the suspense part is that. The drama part is how she goes through all these friends and situations she has to overcome. I say genre is the same to what i read outside of school. Styles of how the authors writes are different for one could start out right away and say what it is and do the suspense throughout the book as to what happened because of the situation. I think these are the books i enjoy most of all.

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  1. Your book sounds very interesting! :) I would be mad at her too if I was at a party and she called the cops. Why did she call the cops anyways?


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