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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear John By Nicholas Sparks

I have only read on of Sparks books besides this one, and it is very similar. In the Notebook they were previous lovers and in this one they have never met each other. The Notebook i thin would have been better if I didn't see the movie before I read the book, and everyone told me to read this book first with this one so thats what I'm doing. The plot is also similar in both books. They both take place in the eastern part of the us. but Dear John takes place by the ocean and The Notebook took place farther in land. The notebook also took place in the 40s and Dear john takes place present day.


  1. What makes the plot similar? Do you think the similarities are because the same author wrote both books? What about similarities of other books?

  2. I have not read Dear John, but I've read a few of his other books and the plots are usually along the same line in the fact that there is a love intrest, but the plot varies a little. Have you read any other books by Nicholas Sparks? If you have do you like that the plot only varies slightly?

  3. i have watched both movies and thought they both were very good. i am reading a nicholas sparks book too, and i really enjoy his writings. have you seen the movie? i have and i hated the ending. i hope the ending in the book is different then the one in the movie.


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