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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Somewhere Between Life and Death
Lurlene McDaniel
pg. 145

Somewhere Between Life and Death reminds me a lot of the book Hit and Run. The styles are very similar. In Somewhere Between Life and Death Amy was on her way to the store to get something when she was involved in an accident. She was in a coma for several months and she died. In Hit and Run, Analise is on her way home when she is hit on her bike. She is also in a coma for several months and eventually dies as well. The families were torn and learing how to deal with not having a daughter any more. The genre of these books are the same and they are teen fiction. They have very similar settings, characters, and themes. They both take place at night, involve teenage girls and their battles with living a normal teenage life. The themes for these two books is learning how to move on and forgetting about past situations.These books are very similar in many ways.

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  1. These sound like both tragic and very sad books... I see how they are similar, but they just seem like downer books. Did you enjoy both books? Do you prefer one over another?


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