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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fear No Evil
Robin Caroll
p. 34-75

Frank did an injustice to Jade, his wife, by abusing her and showing verbal abuse in front of their daughter. I would report this crime and use Doreen as a witness because she was the night staff at the women's shelter where Jade is housed. She could verbally prove that Frank had hit Jade and verbally threatened her by saying that he was going to take their daughter away from Jade. Also, I would use Jade's bruises as proof that Frank had beaten her.


Describe an event in this book where one character does an injustice to another. If you were able to bring this injustice to light, what crime would you report and what kind of evidence might you point out as proof of the crime?

The Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy

This book really doesn't focus on injustices so it was very hard to find one as an example. The only example that I was able to find was very smallAfter rereading through one of the chapters I found a part where Tony went to a Chick-Fil-a and ordered food, after receiving his food and driving away he realized that his order was completely wrong. This injustice was not on purpose, but it was still not right. Instead of Tony going back to Chick-Fil-A, he decided that eating the food he received was a step as a Mentor Leader, because instead of taking the food back and possibly ruining a worker's day, he could brush it off and be thankful for the food he was given. I know that this doesn't answer the second part of the blog, but the injustice was not a major crime. The book doesn't contain a lot of big events, but tells about small things that can affect how one is seen as a leader.

Tyler Sandquist
Going Bovine
Libba Bray

Cameron does and injustice to Gonzo by using the fact that he is a midget to his advantage. At some points in the book Gonzo is aware of this fact but there are other times when he is not. At one point Cameron and Gonzo are trying to get into a club in New Orleans to meet with a famous jazz musician named Junior Webster and the security guard at the door wont let them in so Cameron takes the man off to the side and claims that Gonzo is a part of the make a wish foundation and his last dying wish is to meet his idol Junior Webster which is definitely not true but it does allow them to get into the location. I would let Gonzo know that his friend is manipulating his height challengedness to get into special places.
Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Ive only read 12 pages of this book and there arent any characters yet. Just an introduction for the whole book.

Across The Universe

Across The Universe
Beth Revis
pg 289

My book takes places on a spaceship that has been flying from Earth to a new planet, Centauri Earth, for close to 300 years. The leader of the ship, Eldest, brainwashes the hundreds of people on the ship into obeying with chemicals in their water and by altering their DNA to make them focus on their jobs. If I were to report him for a crime, I would turn him in for obstructing people's right to the 1st amendment, and cite his extensive use of DNA alteration as evidence.
The rescue
by nickolas sparks
P. 189
Taylor is a firefighter and one day he is on the call. there is a huge fire in this building. Taylor goes and tryes to find the people that are inside the biulding that needs to be safed. He got out the children and they are all fine, but there is still one more person inside the building. He goes back in and trys to find the missing person. The person is up in the atic passed out. Taylor trys to safe the person, but taylor keeps running out of breathe. Taylor is about to die himself because the fire smoke and the fire is getting bigger. Taylor doesnt have the engery to lift the person. He cant safe him. Taylor runs out of the building right as it collaspes to the ground. Taylor finds out that the person was his best friend, and he is now dead. Taylor feels that he killed his friend, just like he killled his dad. He feels it was all his fault and that if he knew it was him he might have been able to save him. Taylor now does everything in his nature to help his best friend's family out. He plays with the kids, and helps the mom out anyway taylor cans. After that night Taylor ingores Denise, his girl friend, and focuses his time on his best friends family.

Breaking Dawn

In this book there are no major injustices that are against any criminal laws. There is a wrong doing in the book. Bella is pregnant and she wants to keep the baby and doesnt want to have an abortion so Edward knows that she could die because of it and the only way to save her is turn her into a vampire. And the Cullens have a treaty with the werewolves. And if they break treaty there is going to be this war with the werewolves and the Cullens. So Edward is asking if they can break the treaty for Bella because Jacob loves her and will do anything for her. So they let the treaty go just this once for Bella. The only crime I see here is turning someone into a vampire.
Denton Hopkins

Friday Night Lights

Buzz Bissinger

end of book

In this book there are no major injustices that are against the criminal laws of the state or federal kind. However there are some wrongdoings as with any book. The players on the team go out drinking like many underage kids today.( which freakin bothers the crap out of me btw) Also at multiple points in the movie Don Billingsley and his father get into vocal and physical altercations, these two men have great love for eachother but often butt heads. Don also gets into a physical altercation with star runningback Boobie Miles after Miles runs his mouth about Billingsley's father. The only crime/s I really see being put into light here would be harrassment or assault.

Alyssa's Blog

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime
Mark Haddon
Page 54

In the book, Christopher was looking for his journal that his dad had taken from him. He had looked everywhere except for his room and when he finally went into his room he found it among other things. He had discovered some letters from his "dead" mom, written to Christopher. It took a little while before Christopher realized that his mother wasnt really dead and that his father had lied to him the whole time. I would say that you cant really consider this a crime, because Christophers father had been lying to Christopher for his own good. Or atleast that is what he thought. But even though this isnt really considered a crime I would say that the evidence would consist of how Christopher had reacted to his fathers lies. First off, Christopher has a lot of problems with liars, and he doesnt react to them well. He thinks that lying is a horrible thing and he does not lie unless it is a white lie. He thinks that a white lie is okay. When Christopher had realized his father had lied to him he became sick on his dads bed, and blacked out for a while and didnt really know what to think. He was very "blank minded" so to speak. When Christophers father came home and found Christopher on his bed, he was furious, but when he realized what he had found, he tried to tell Christopher why he had lied to him and Christopher couldnt say anything, or do anything to respond to him. He was so stunned. I havnet finnished the rest of this scene to know what had happened next, but I would imagine it doesnt turn out that well considereing the sickness that Christopher is diagnosed with.
The Hostage
by Theodore Taylor

The biggest wrong in the book is the main problem when Jamie finds Tyrannus a killer whale trapped in a cove. But Jamie finds out that is is worth $100,000 so he keeps the whale trapped in the cove. This is first thing i think out is that its illegal to hunt an kill whales so it would be considered animal cruelty. The only evidence you show is any pics or actual take a DNR official to the cove where it is being held.

Nellie Wilson. English 3. Period 7.

Blind Faith. By: Ellen Wittlinger

In my book, Nathan's mother came back to her childhood home, to die. I believe this unfair to her children, especially to keep dying a huge secret. I don't believe this would be a crime. But, it is unfair to be dragging your kids along as she makes up lies, just to hide the truth about dying.
Pretty Little Liars
Sara Shepard
Done with book
The most injustice done in this book is that someone killed a 13-year-old girl. Ali was found murdered buried in her own back yard. After three years of searching for the lost teen she is finally found to have been dead the whole time. There is no way she deserved this; she was 13! Along with this goes the injustice of A. A seems to know everything about Ali and her four best friends. The only problem is A doesn't just know the good things. A knows all of their deepest, darkest secrets and is holding them over their head. How do they deserve this? They don't even know who it is or why they are being terrorized. I don't think anyone would deserve to be blackmailed but especially when they don't even know why. Also it is inhumane to keep reminding the girls of their old best friends who was just found dead!

burning up

By caroline B. Cooney
pg 1 -16

i am not very far in this book and threre are not many injustices done. but austin's parents are getting a divorce and are making his life miserable so when he moves in with his grandparents. his parents are excited to get him out the their way so they can continue the fued the have. if i would bring this to light i would report it as child abuse and negulance. i would bring forward evidence like a witness testifying that he was abused.

A Sporting Chance

There is no injustice done in this book. The book is about the different methods of hunting.

The Quad
Finished book

This entire book is about an injustice from one character to another. A student brings a gun to school because she was bullied through out all of high school, along with many of her friends. There was a wide variety of injustices from the girl shooting other students, to daily beatings, to name calling. One major injustice was a guy named Stone who tried to rape a girl, the shooter, named Paisley. I would show the video that Theo, one of the other people bullied, filmed. Theo caught everything on tape while attempting to stop the rape. I would also have many of the other minor characters talk about what they saw. The attempted rape took place at a party in front of many people.

Blog 4/29/11 Tyler Allison

Do Not Pass Go
Kirkpatrick Hill
pg. 125

In my book so far there is only two big injustices i can think of. Deet is the main character and he has two younger sisters and his mom. His dad was sent to jail for drug charges. When Deets mom found this out she told him right away but did not tell the Girls. I think that this is the first injustice because they are keeping information from them that they should know. If i was in there position i think i would freak out if they did not tell me this right away. The second thing goes along with the first one. They eventually tell the girls that their dad is in jail but they don't say that it is for drugs. I think that lying is most of the time a injustice to someone. I think it would be better for them to hear the truth so that they don't hear it from another source. I think that Deet and his mom should tell them the truth before anyone else does.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lord of the Flies
William Golding
pg. 31

The only real unjustice that's been done to a character so far is the way all the boys treat Piggy. Piggy is a really fat an lonely boy and he just wants people to be nice to him. Ralph calls him Piggy in front of the other boys, even though it's the one name he doesn't want to be called. Jack called him Fatty and everyone just tells him to shut up. He is obviously the smartest boy on the island, but no one listens to him just because he's fat. There's no real crime that occurs, it's just boys being mean. I can't really bring this injustice to light, because it's already a public thing.
I'll Walk Alone
Mary Higgins Clark
pg. 65
The main event in this story is that two years ago Zan's 3 year old son was kidnapped. His babysitter took him to the park where she fell asleep and someone stole Matthew. It is bad enough that Zan has to relive her son's disappearance every year on his birthday, but now someone is using her credit cards. Worse yet, someone sent a photo to the media of a picture of Zan kidnapping her own son. The reader knows Zan didn't do it, but we don't know who. i think the injustice is that someone dressed up like Zan and kidnapped her child, inorder to put the blame on her. I think this person will pay for the crime when Zan tries to find who is using her credit cards and who the real person in the photo is.
By Laura Hillenbrand
pg. 365

One unjust moment by the main character, Louie, was when he was a kid and stole everything he could. He grew up in a poor family and had to take what he needed. I wouldn't report him since he needed food and stuff, but I would report him for stealing other things. Evidence I would use would be the key he used to break into locks. They told him when he got it that it had a 50% chance of unlocking any lock. That would be a big piece of evidence that could get him in trouble. Other than that there wouldn't be a lot of evidence. If there was specific items that people saw him with that were reported stolen that could be used as evidence. In the time period there wasn't surveillance cameras so it would be hard to get video evidence of him actually stealing.
The Secret Year
by: Jennifer R. Hubbard

One of the unjust events that occurred in this book, is when three of Colt's(main character) friends go over to Groome's house and slash his tires on his car. They did this out of hatred and anger toward the rich kids and had no reason for doing this. If I could bring this crime out into the open I would call it trespassing and vandalism. There probably wouldn't be too much evidence if nobody was around to see it. The only way they would know it was them, would be because of the way they treat Groome at school and their noticeable hatred towards him.

Quarter 4, Blog 4

Kyle Weber
Larry Bird

This book is an autobiography, so there is not a specific plot line. There isn't a specific crime commited. But I was able to find an injustice, even though it is not a crime against society. Larry Bird's father commited suicide. This is an injustice to his family, because he took his life away from his family. His family needed him. They were stuggling financially, and his income was a big help. But he thought he could be of greater use by giving his family the life insurance payments from his death. But I'm sure that anyone of his family members would have traded that money for the company of their father. They needed his guidance throughout life, and he was not able to give it to them. That is why his suicide is an injustice.
A. Lafaye
p 113

I would say that the only unjust thing in this book so far is that Nathan is always trying to get John fired. John is a new farmhand that his dad hired to take nathan's spot because Nathan got hurt while working. Nathan is very sad that he has just been replaced so he is trying everything in his power to make sure that John screws up and gets set back to where he came from. There couldn't really be much of a punishment for what he is doing because I'm not really sure if that is illegal.

The critics corner

Splinter Cell the book
In this book it seems less like it is a book and more like the game. Their have been many different types of media that surround the splinter cell series. This from media has been used in movies, books, and video games. But in the book it starts with sam fisher trying to take down a terrorist group called the shadows in the year 2004. This is all that has been identified in the book so far and the plot as stayed the same.

Brandon's post

John Feinstein


One event in this book where someone does something mean to another character would be when Steve Thomas (the main character) is a huge jerk to his dad because he is on steroids and he dosent know how he is being when really he is not being nice to anyone that is close to him and everyone sees this but him. He also is a jerk to all of his teachers at school and whenever he has an assignment he just blows it off and dosent do it because he feels that is he cant do anything right, and its because of the steroids.


Safe At Home

Mike Lupica

End of book

I believe that one of his teamates do injustice to him. He abuses him verbally and discourages him greatly. He tells him that he does not deserve a spot on the team and that he should just quit playing baseball. Although there is not a real crime for this, its a terrible thing to do. It will not help your team and there will be consequences for doing that. This was obvious in the very first game that they played after Nick threw the ball way over the second basemans head and let two runs score on the play, the pitcher for their team got mad and discouraged Nick, and the pitcher got in trouble by the coach.
Anthony Horowitz
pg 176

The biggest injustice so far that we have seen in the book and in the series would be the lies that MI6 has fed to Alex. They tricked him into working for them, saying his parents died in a plane crash and that they had worked for MI6. What SCORPIA has revealed to Alex and the reader is that Alex's father was actually a part of SCORPIA and that he was shot by MI6. Mrs. Jones, one of the two people who tricked Alex into joining MI6, was actually the one that ordered the snipers to shoot Alex's father down that day on St. Albert's Bridge. He had come to trust her and the others at MI6 until he met Julia Rothman, the member of SCORPIA who brought all this to light. If there would be charges pressed against the British inteligence service, it would probably have something to do with confidenciality and exploiting Alex as a minor. This would be pretty much impossible to prove though because both Alex and his housekeeper Jack were forced to sign an offical secrets act. They are not allowed to talk about his "spy" life, even though Alex has found a few close friends to confide in. Also, MI6 is basically like the CIA or FBI. They can make anyone disappear, and definately wouldn't suffer any repercussions from their lies and exploits.
House Rules
Jodi Picoult
Pg. 320

An injustice act in my book would be that someone killed Jess. Jess was Jacob's teacher he would see everyday to help him with his Asperger's syndrome. No one quite knows he killed her yet, but the crime scene i nvestigators are getting closer to finding out who it was who killed her each and every day. If I were able to bring injustice to light I would report the crime that, really, no one killed her. She was found originally in her bathroom where she was first seen dead, but then Jacob moved her out into her backyard to make the crime seen. It is kind of obvious that Jacob did not do the crime and kill Jess because he lover her and also did her boyfriend, Mark. Theo was there at the crime scene as well but he had no hatred towards Jess and could not have committed the murder. Afterall, Jess was the one person who took Jacob away from Theo and it was always sometimes peaceful to have Jacob away for awhile. Some evidence I would report would also be that there was a big puddle on her bathroom floor, so, therefore she could have slipped and hit her head. She had no bullets go through her or anything that made it seem like someone had murdered her. It was all by accident that she died and it was no ones fault. More proof would be that if you would look at the sink you could see marks to where she did hit her head just hard enough to kill herself.
Nineteen Minutes
Jodie Picoult
pg. 70

So far in the book there has been one major injustice or crime. A teenage boy, Peter, who attends Sterling High School decided to go on a rampage. He had brought a gun to school and he started shooting his classmates and other high school students. Some of them were found dead like Josie's boyfriend, Matt. Others were wounded in the incident like Josie was. Ambulances were busy transporting students to the hospitals and other people like Patrick were busy finding all the bodies in the school. When he entered the locker room, he saw Peter there with a gun, giving evidence that he was the shooter. Patrick took the gun away and the police arrested Peter. This is also proving that Peter is guilty of the crime. Not only did Peter give an injustice to another character, but he gave an injustice to many characters.
I Am Number Four
Pittacus Lore
pg. 75

I am not very far in my book, but there already has been an unjustice. John is new in school and already encountered the school bully, but this bully is different. The bully's name is Mark and he is only a bully to someone when they associate or even talk to his ex-girlfriend, Sarah. Of course, John talked to Sarah and he even thought she was beautiful. Mark started picking on John in his Astrology class. Mark tripped John and made him fall and scatter all of his things across the floor. The teacher didn't really see what happened, so there really is no proof. Later, Mark stole John's cell phone and refuses to return it unless John meets him after school (aka fight him). Even though Mark has John's phone, Sarah steals it back and returns it to John. When Sarah returns the phone, she apologizes for Mark and explains why he is doing the things to John that he is doing. She explains how that this is probably only the beginning if they keep talking to each other. I wouldn't really be able to bring this justice to light because no one would do anything. It is a classic bully case. Bully's never usually get taken care of; they always weasel their way out of getting in trouble. In addition, there is no proof because no one saw anything. John will just have to deal with it and keep his head held high.
Ian Hopkins
English 3
Mrs. Sheffield
Dakotas dream
pg. 8-25

I would say the Floyd is the injustice character in this book because he lies all the time to keep himself safe thew whole time. Floyd lies about his age where he live and all of that stuff. He pretty much making his character a fake. Floyd reallies live in a foster home and he ran away and he does not want anyone to no about it at the age of 14. Its not a big crime but thats the biggest one in this story so far

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Breathing Underwater
Alex Flinn
Pg. 140
The main reason for this book is for the unjustice part. Nick has assulter his girl friend. He had recieved a court date where he got a restraining order and a mandatory class. If i saw this I wouldnt do much about it unless it got real bad. The only evidence one could have is pictures, videos, or marks on the victim. The thing is, you have to get the vicitm to show those marks. A bystander could report it, and someone may follow up. I have been in a situation similar but it never got taken this far.
Hanna Feller
The Summer I Turned Pretty
Jenny Han
End of Book
I think that the only injustice within this book is that throughout the entire book Susanna, Conrad and Jerimiah's mom, was battling with cancer and she wanted to have a normal summer with the people she loved. Belly and her brother had been going to the beach house ever since they were little. This would be the last summer they all would be together, because Conrad and her older brother were going off to college. Belly has had a crush on both of the boys since she was little, and she is determined that this will be the summer that she gets one of them. Belly goes on throughout the summer worrying about boys and other drama, while Susanna is suffering with cancer back at the house. Towards the end of the book Susanna tells all the kids that her cancer is back and this was really, the last summer with her. I do and don't think it was right because she was the one who wanted a normal summer with all of them, but it would have been nice of her to mention it so Belly could have spent more time with her. I would just say that I couldn't really report it, but Susanna should have told the kids a little sooner than the end of the summer. Th proof would just be that Belly, Conrad, Jer, and her brother were all very sad and they wished they could have had more time with her before the cancer took her away.
Nicholas Morrison
Charlie Higson
pg. 1 to End of Book
In SilverFin, Lord Hellebore tests his new experimental steroids on a man named Meatpacker. This type of injection makes you taller, more muscular, gives you more courage, and less prone to pain. But Hellebore is still testing out this knew drug and deformities happen all the time. Unfortunately, Meatpacker did not live through his series of injections and died pretty quickly. Lord Hellebore dumped Meatpacker's body into the lake right outside his castle to get rid of the body. If I were to report this crime, I think it would be considered murder, littering, and illegal experimentation of human people.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Window
Jeanette Ingold
Done with book
Before the book has actually started, Mandy, the main character, and her mom have gotten in a car accident. Mandy's mother died a few days after the crash and Mandy was blinded. They had been turning a corner when a truck crashed into them. Mandy's mom wasn't wearing a seat belt and was sent flying through the window into a light pole. Mandy was wearing hers, but she was still thrown forward and she slammed her head on the dashboard, causing her to lose her sight. If I had been standing on the corner near them, or had been driving in a car at the intersection, I would have immediately called 911. The proof would be pretty clear, since one person is dead and another has lost their vision. Not to mention the wrecked cars.
Fallan Stark
Wendelin van Draanen

Describe an event in this book where one character does an injustice to another. If you were able to bring this injustice to light, what crime would you report and what kind of evidence might you point out as proof of the crime?

There are quite a few instances. Holly is only 13 and she is all on her own; she ran away from foster care. Therefore, she has nothing. She has to steal to get stuff. One time she found a place that already had a mattress and a sleeping bag and bags of aluminum cans-it was another homeless person's stuff. She stole it all and reedeemed the cans. The owner was a big, biker guy who had a vicious bulldog. And he was waiting for her at the bus stop..I wouldn't really wouldn't report this because it probably wouldn't even be considered by the court. But he twists them a certain way that cannot be dupliated, proving the cans are his.
Also, Eddie killed another man, because he owed the man money. I would have the evidence of the crime scene. He was under the influence of drugs so he wasn't thinking clearly, therefore he probably left behind evidence like hair or something. Also the crime scene consists of a bloody dead body then several feet later there lies a crashed van and 2 deceased passengers. Surely they would be able to figure out what happened with all the evidence, and the advanced technologies of what they can do now by testing the bodies.

Jack and Jill By James Patterson

My book is a murder mystery so i would probably go back to the first killing that Jack and Jill committed. It was the murder of Senator Daniel Fitzpatrick. Jill pretended to be interested in him so they went to his apartment and she tied him up and let Jack into the room the shot him in the head and left the first note for the police. I would show them the note and i would describe to them what Jack And Jill looked like and the FBI would reconize who they are and they would realize that they work for the government and they would arrest them before the next murder takes place

Quarter 4 Blog

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Stieg Larsson
page 160
Harriet Vanger disappeared about forty years ago at a family reunion. Her uncle Henrik Vanger is determined that she didn't disappear, but that she was murdered. I believe that it was her mother Isabella that committed this injustice against her own daughter. I would report that Isabella Vanger committed the murder of her 16 year old daughter Harriet on September 24, 1966. The plot of this book is centered around finding evidence to prove that someone did murder Harriet. At this point I'm not far enough in the book to have any solid evidence or suspect, only who I think did it and what I would look for. Evidence that I would look for would be descriptions of who was there at the family reunion and where they were when she disappeared. I would especially check out her mother's story because she is a number one suspect to me. If Harriet's body was found that would be great evidence or if the murder weapon was found. Since there is so much technology these days anything that could be found may easily be connected to someone at the reunion.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Rangers Apprentice
by John Fanagan
102- 177
The most injust thing that has happened in the book thus far is probably The ranger Halt not letting Will participate in anything. There is a war going on and the king need evey man he can get but Halt will still not let Will take part in any of the battles or even recon the enemy. This is very unfare to Will because he has been training hard for months and now that there is a problem he doesnt get to do anything. This just proves that Halt is beening over proteective of his new apprentice. This is just like parents and i think Halt has grown to like Will more than he says he does.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Alyssa's Blog

Two examples of forshadowing in my book would be one, when Christopher is told by his father to "not be nosing in peoples buisness, and not talking to people about the dogs murder" but Christopher had gone and done it anyway. I knew he would, just by the way he was so intense with the murder. Another one would be how I knew that his mother wasnt really dead. You could tell by how his father reacted when it came to Christopher asking questions about her. Both of the examples were pretty much straight forward. The one about Christophers mother not really being dead wasnt a giveaway, it was more in the text and how he described the characters reacting to it. Christopher could not have noticed it. He focuses alot on specific things since he is autistic, and I dont think it would have been so easy. He would have been trying to figure out if it were something involving it. He could im sure if he tried hard enough, but it wasnt that much of a giveaway.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mable Riley
Marthe Jocelyn

One thing that was forshadowed was the strike at the factory. Tension was building through the whole book between the factory owners and Mrs. Rattle, the leader of the suffragists, and it finally ended in a violent strike. I think this was obvious to both the reader and the characters. Another thing that was forshadowed is the marriage of Alfred Goodhand and Viola Riley. It was obvious to the readers that they loved each other, based on the way they acted together and talked to each other. I think it was a surprise to other characters, though.

pg 725 Breaking dawn

The forshadowing in my book is kind of obvious . When Edward and Bella go on their honeymoon it is kind of obvious that Bella is pregnant because the way she kept eating and then to of why she was just constantly sick whenever she smelled something bad. And then when she got pregnant and the baby was hurting Bella and breaking her bones inside her body that you knew that the baby was half vampire because no human baby breaks a persons ribs. Newborn Vampires crave on blood because they dont know any better so the baby was feeding off of Bellas blood so Bella was not consuming alot of blood. So Bella had to start drinking blood . Breakind dawn has forshadowing in it but it is very obvious to most people. It was obvious for only the reader because Edward and Bella had no clue what was going on and why she was so sick all the time and not knowing what the fetus wanted or needed to survive and to help Bella get better. Forshadowing in Breaking Dawn is very obvious to the readers.

Quarter 4 blog

Describe two examples of foreshadowing in the novel you are reading. Did you find the hint of future events subtle or obvious? Could the characters have noticed the signs or were they for the reader only?

The Mentor leader
By Tony Dungy
The main character, Tony, foreshadows that he is going to step down from coaching the Colts professional football team. He uses many different hints to show this including, saying that he needed to put his family first, life isn't all about winning, and that by being a mentor leader, he had taught others on the staff how to lead the team to win games. I thought that the hints leading up to this event were very subtle, because he didn't come straight out and say that in order to put his family first he needed to stop coaching. It sounded more like he just needed to manage his priorities a little better and get out of the office earlier. I also think that the other characters could have noticed the signs, but didn't because they were too caught up in the season, and coaching. One of his close staff members was having the same problems and worked late hours everyday, so instead of going home to see his family, the man's family came to him. This opened Tony's eyes to the things he needed to change in his own life, and also foreshadowed more obviously that Tony was going to make a change.
Fallan Stark
Wendelin Van Draanen

Describe two examples of foreshadowing in the novel you are reading. Did you find the hint of future events subtle or obvious? Could the characters have noticed the signs or were they for the reader only?

She talks about how she misses her mother and that she is mad at Eddie for ruining their lives. That foreshadows that she will explain what happened to her mother and that Eddie did to ruin their lives. Later in the books she goes on to explain that they were living in a van after her dad died in a tractor accident and her mom meets Eddie, who is a drug dealer and he owed some guy money. The guy follows the three of them when they are in the van and Eddie gets out, then comes back with blood all over him and he tries to drive away. He is in such a frenzy after he murdered that man that he can not drive correctly and swirves of the side of the road, ending his and her mother's life. This is subtle because she may or may not have explained the reasoning. This was directed to the reader only because for a good portion of the book, she is alone and has no one to explain it to.
She also talks about that she will become a sea gypsy so then it goes onto her migrating west to California to live on the beach and swim with the dolphins. This was obvious because seh said that was what she wanted to do so she did it. This is also for the reader, she rearley encounters anyone so she has no one to tell her aspirations to.

Quarter 4, Blog 3?

Kyle Weber
Larry Bird

An example of foreshadowing in this book is a scene in which the author hints at the life on camous at Indiana University. He says something along the lines of not knowing what it would really be like. It was very obvious that he would transfer out of IU. And earlier in the book, he said that he really like Indiana State's campus, but he really wanted to play for Bob Knight. This was a relatively subtle clue. I already knew that Larry Bird played collegiate basketball at Indiana State, but for somene who didn't know, this clue might have been tough to decipher.
Rachel Crouch
The Last Days
By Scott Westerfeld
pg. 78-198
The main foreshadowed event in the book so far is that there is going to be a huge battle between people and the monster that lives within the subway. They've really been building up to this event for a while mentioning how it feels good to be underground and how they could smell the beast and wanted to fight it. Recently Moz actually came face to face with it and he was ready to fight... all he had was a guitar, but he was still ready to fight. The other thing they've been hinting at is that Moz's girlfriend is going to do something drastic. I'm not sure what she's going to do but she's made friends with the wrong people and I don't think it's going to end well for her. Moz has definitely noticed that something is changing and that there will be a battle but his girlfriend can't see the danger that she will probably be in.

Tyler Allison Blog 4/22/11

So far in my book it has been hard to find examples of forshadowing but i think i have two. Earlier in the book it was talkiing about how Deet and his family were struggling with money. This made Deets dad have to get two jobs, a day and night job, to keep there family going. When i read this i thought that something bad was going to happen because when a story starts out pretty negative i think it would get worse before it got better. It turns out that Deets dad was taking drugs to keep him awake for his jobs. He ended up going to jail, i didnt predict this but it was bad. My second example is the cover of the book. It has a metal fence with barbed wire on the top of it. I figured this would have something to do with jail but i did not guess it would be the main characters dad. The cover of the book was an easy forshadow but deets dad going to jail was a hard one.


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Dakotas Dream
Ian Hopkins

When Dakota runs away fromand live on a resorvation forshadow there is going to something going to happen to him. Hes only 16 and ran away from home. Another one is when Dakota lies to this Indian about his age. So the Indian will probally find out about his age and think he is not trustworthy. I think i could see something really bad that is going to happen to Billy.

quiet strenght

by tony Dungy
pg 1-85

my book is a biography so the forshowdowing is pretty obvious to see. the author comes right out and tells you what is going to happen in the future.
A Quiet Belief in Angels
R.J Ellory

This novel is one giant flashback with brief periods of the present, So the present foreshadows the past. In the present Joseph has killed a man cause he killed some one that meant a lot to him. This is a really obvious way of saying that Ellen was going to die. The way Ellen died was really surprising though! Another obvious foreshadowing was when Joseph found the money Ellen's father was giving his mother secretly. It was a sketchy situation, and you knew she was getting paid for something and you were pretty sure, but the author didn't come right out and say it until later. I think Joseph noticed the signs when he saw the money, but he was also really young so he wouldn't think about his mom having sexual relations for money.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Am Number Four
Pittacus Lore
pg. 28

I am not very far, as I just started a new book, but I have seen at least one example of foreshadowing. In my book so far, there are a group of people from the planet Lorien who came to Earth to escape another group of alliens called Mogadorians who are trying to hunt him and 8 others. Each of the people from the planet Lorien are classified with numbers; the main character is Number Four. Number Four has moved several times to keep his identity a secret changing his name along the way. In this new place, his name is John Smith. At his new school he met a girl named Sarah Hart and she was not like any other girl he had met. When she touched him, he got a tingling feeling and he felt different around her and in her presence. So onto the foreshadowing part... As he went to his first class and started to enter the room, the reader could already tell that Sarah was in the room because John got that tingling feeling again. Sarah did end up having the same class as him, sitting 3 rows infront of him. This foreshadowing was obvious because of John's previous actions to seeing Sarah. These signs were for the reader and the character, John. He could feel this too. This makes it for an interesting start to the book.
The Screwtape Letters
C. S. Lewis
pg. 75
This book is kind of hard to find any foreshadowing. It is about a demon writing to his nephew, an apprentice demon. The uncle is trying to teach his nephew how to manipulate a human (the patient) into commiting sins and bringing them to Hell. Recently the patient converted to Christianity but has been laxing in his faith. I think eventually he will fall away from the Church because others will persuade him to. This isn't really obvious, it is just a guess. The reader doesn't know what will happen, but the Uncle is good at reading the humans actions and predicting what they will do. Another foreshadowing example would be that I don't think this particular patient will be sent to Hell. Once again this is just a guess (the author didn't leave many hints), but I think this because this book seems so dark and sad that there has to be a happy ending. I don't think any of the characters or the reader will see the signs until the end of the book.

Nellie Wilson. Period 7. English 3. Mrs. Sheffield.

Go Ask Alice. Anonymous.

While I was reading this book, the way this girl's (doesn't have a name, this was all in a diary, and wanted to keep any names out), life was going to lead to a horrible future. One incident was when her and another girl ran away to California. Of, course they came home and promised they would never do it again. But, that didn't last long, they ran away two other times. This girl also was messing around with drugs. At first, the drugs were not her fault, but then after it was. I knew this would all lead to huge, deadly unhappy ending. She was later placed in a mental hospital and a drug record that she would have carried around with her for the rest of her life. When, she got that first drink, the first time her and her friend ran away, I believe it all lead to her suicide. To her believing that life would not get better, in reality it was. She was getting her life back on track and then she was hallucinating. And, it took another innocent teens' life.
Yes, the foreshadowing was only for the reader and not for the character to know. She probably knew what she was doing, but really didn't care or was so addicted that she didn't really think about it.
Going Bovine
Libba Bray
pages 1-32

I'm barely into my book so far and already there has been some good foreshadowing. When we first meet the main character he talks about a near death experience he once had at disney land which became obvious to the reader that he will most likely be having more near death experiences to come shortly. Another good example was when the main character was at home all by himself partaking in some illegal substances when he saw a flash and followed it which led him to find a feather in his room with writing on it. He blamed it on the substance he had been using previously but to us it was a sign that a few very supernatural things would be happening.
House Rules
Jodi Picoult
Pg. 306

One foreshadowing spot in my book is a part where Jacob found out that Jess was dead and was totally shocked. They said in the book that you can tell when autistic kids are lying and when they asked Jacob if he killed Jess, he said no. And you can tell when they are lying and by the details in the book, you know that Jacob did not kill Jess. This foreshadows that later when Jacob goes to court he will be found innocent and not be taken to jail. Another foreshadowing event in my book would be how Jacob's mom and Oliver have a connection, you can tell they hit it off right when they met. And now they are still getting along really well with each other and even though they get on each others nerves sometimes they still like each other and they are pretty much dating. He came over for supper one night, so it foreshadowed that Jacob's mom and Oliver would be together because of how they met each other. I found the hint for Jacob not killing Jess subtle because even though he is telling the truth about not killing Jess, some people do not know that so they are going to question him even further so it is only signs for the reader to see and not for other characters in the book. However, Oliver and Jacob's mom was an obvious sign I believe to some people. Because once they started hanging out with each other, Theo, her son, noticed they had an attraction for each other and Jacob even being autistic noticed it as well.
By Laura Hillenbrand

Pg. 364

In the very beginning of my book there was a scene where Louie and Phil were in the ocean on the raft surrounded by sharks. This is one instance of foreshadowing because it showed that they would be shot down in their plane. Another instance was when they talked about the islands and how they were trying to steer the raft toward them, even though they were Japanese controlled. It foreshadowed that they would end up as POWs on a Japanese prison camp. The first instance was very obvious, but the second one was subtle. It just said that the islands were Japanese controlled. I don't believe that they could have predicted being shot down, but they all believed they would be captured by the Japanese.


Safe At Home
Mike Lupica
End of Book

The first example of foreshadowing that is displayed is the fact that the varsity coach was watching the younger kids practice. He was watching for a few days and the players had talked about him possibly bringing someone up or a couple kids. This was obvious for all the characters. The second foreshadowing would be when Nick is talked to by his parents and teachers about how his grades are getting bad and he might not be able to play baseball. At first he did not understand or listen to them or take the hint. But eventually his grades turned out to hurt him and he wished that he would have listened to him. So Nick was unable to see this foreshadowing hint.
A. Lafaye

I would say one big foeshadowing event would be when Nathan got his leg broke, because now his father didnt have anyone to help him on the farm and he would have to find some help of some kind. I think that it was pretty obvious. I think that Nathan should of seen it coming, even though now he has to put up with someone new and watch them work on the farm and while he lays on his bed all day recooperating. another event would be again when he got his leg broken but for another reason. His mother fixes little trinkets like clocks and things like that. So when Nathan couldnt help on the farm he needed someother way to help out his family. So now he helps fix trinkets for another income. I think it wasnt as obvious. Nathan probably had no idea that it coming but he thought of the idea himself.

Brandon's Post

John Feinstein



One example of foreshadowing in this book would be when everyone was predicting the end of the super bowl and all of the scores and stats of all the players before the game even started, and obviously non of them were right because you cant guess exactly what the score is going to be nor any of the players stats. The hint to the future was very obvious it was almost stupid because of how obvious they made it. I think the signs were for the reader only.
Ninteen Minutes
Jodie Picoult

When Alexandria is pregnant she wants to abort her baby or give it up for adoption. She misses her appointments and she later decides that she will keep her baby. The reader knows that she will keep her baby because of the decisions that she makes. The reader knows of this and so does some of the characters such as Lacy who helps her get through her pregnancy. This was easy to notice and it was pretty obvious. Another thing that was forshadowed was who the shooter was at the school. Someone found him in the locker room holding the gun with people lying dead around him. This was obvious as well because he was holding a gun. The characters also knew of this as one character was the one who found him in the locker room.
Anthony Horowitz
pg 175

Obviously the biggest foreshadowing in the book is Yassen Gregorovich's final words of " Go to Venice, find Scorpia and you will find your destiny." When Alex first heard this he didn't exactly know what it meant, but he decided to go to Venice anyway. He ended up finding SCORPIA and almost getting killed by them. This isn't what Yassen intended to happen, but it was only because they didn't know who he was. Once SCORPIA finds out that they almost killed Alex Rider, they are ecstatic to have him find them once more. Alex's temperate manner throughout these events foreshadows another event though. When Alex is training, he has an evaluation in which one of the doctors tells Julia Rothman that Alex is not physiologically ready to kill someone. This leads to his first mission on the bad side. I'm guessing he won't kill anyone because of how he has felt about death in this book and the previous ones.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Vampire Diaries: Nightfall
L. J. Smith
pg. 458
In the beginning of this book, Damon, one of the main characters, is spying on a girl in her room. (Damon is a vampire.) The girl's name is Caroline and she is also one of the main characters. Caroline is behaving very oddly. She is standing in front of her mirror, talking to herself. But when Damon looks closer, he can see that the mirror Caroline's mouth isn't moving when the real one speaks. And when he looks at the image's eyes, they turn red for just a second. This is the 5th book in this series, and all sorts of supernatural things have happened so far. So I knew right away that this was a bad guy in Caroline's mirror. But Damon didn't. He probably could have realized that something bad was going to happen later with the person in the mirror, but chose to ignore it.
Later in the book, Caroline is with some other characters in the book, asking if she can go with them to see a friend that was recently brought back from the dead (weird I know). This person that was brought back to life is Elena, and before she died, Caroline hated her. So the other characters were suspicious, but let her come anyways. As it turns out, during the middle of their "meeting", Caroline gets angry at Elena and becomes possessed by something. She starts saying dark spells and is practically thrown out of the house by the other characters. This foreshadowing was for both the reader and the other characters. They realize that there is something seriously wrong with Caroline, and that they're in for another supernatural ride.

Quarter 4 blog

Tess Gerritsen

The book started out with a scene of some Russian orphans getting taken to America to be 'adopted'. Then it would go to some hospital scenes in Boston then back to the boat the orphans were on. The book is all about harvesting organs and the transplants that take place. At certain times organs with missing papers and no indication of who the donor is start showing up for the more wealthy patients. Its pretty obvious that the orphans on the boat are the ones who are being harvested unwillingly for their healthy organs. In this case the main character had to search for the answers while the reader could tell what was going on. The other example of foreshadowing is when the main characters boyfriend starts to show up late and avoid her for different things. He is apart of the conspiracy and the audience knows that, but it takes abbey a long time to find that out. By the time she does figure it out she's ready to be killed by him because she found out his hospitals secrets.
Breathing UNderwater
Alex Flinn
Pg. 105
My first example would be when Nick when out to find his car missing. I knew then ad there that his dad had sold it for the trouble Nick had gotten into. Sure enough, Nick goes inside to find that it had been sold. Nick argued that it was his car, but his dad had payed for it. Another example would be when Nick had gotten a letter fromo the county. We both knew prior to opening it was a court date. Nick opened the letter to recieve that date and time of court for his actions. That is when he got the restraining order and "class" demanded.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Hostage
by Theodore Taylor
pg 26

I have only meet one character in depth so I'm going to talk about him. his name is Jamie Tidd He is a funny nice but still has a kid side to him. He just needs to think more before he talks. He is like my brother because my brother is kind and nice but he sometimes can just annoy you to no end. When he makes a joke he thinks its funnier than it actually is which gets really annoying and Jamie is the same way.
The rescue by nicholas sparks pg. 320 My favorite character is kyle. I like him because he is a quiet, shy, little kid. He is obientant and always listens to his mother. He is never disrespectful, or getting into trouble. He has a caring gentle heart. He doen't hold a gruge. He has a disablity that makes it so his speach isn't well. I wish i was as obentiant as him. He reminds me of my friend Joe. Joe is a nice guy that is always doing good. He never talks back to his parents. When he was little he also had a problem talking. He had to go to speech lessons so that his speech would be up to par with the normal people. Joe is a quiet, shy guy. Last year joe was in a car crash, just like what kyle went through, only when joe crashed he didn't run away like kyle.

Jack and Jill

Normally in the Alex Cross books my favorite character is Sampson. but he isn't in this book very much. So i would have to say my new favorite character is Jack/Sam. Jack/Sam is the male killer in the Jack and Jill Murder spree. I like him the best because I think he is playing everyone. He has Jill/Sara conviced that he loves her and they will live happily ever after. But i think he will ditch her as soon as Alex gets close to catching them. I would never like to have his qualities because that would mean i was a bad person, and that would suck. And i also don't know any sneaky killers. I think this is why i find this character so appealing.

jake hensley

Boot camp
By: Todd Strasser

My favorite character is Garrett. I like him because he is pretty much the only character in the novel. I don't wish a had the same qualities as him though. Mostly because he is in boot camp. So therefore, he wasn't acting right and got in trouble. If i had to describe someone as him, it would be a person that doesn't really care about anything and thinks they can pretty much do whatever they won't. I won't mention a specific name, but anyone who fits these descriptions could be like Garrett.

Quarter 4 blog

The Mentor Leader
By Tony Dungy
My favorite character is Tony, because he is the prime example of a good guy. He attends church, helps out in his community, is involved in athletics, and he doesn't stoop down to a low level when he is upset. I do wish I had some of the same traits that he has, because his outlook on life seems much brighter than mine does. Sometimes I get way caught up in what is going on right now instead of looking at what will happen later on in life, or how things happen in one day instead of how they will affect the rest of my life. Tony brushes things off like they are nothing and never takes angry words to heart.

Fear No Evil
Robin Caroll
p. 48

My favorite character is Ethan so far because the first time that the audience encounters him he puts off a big macho man type of personality. He seems as if he would be very ignorant, and he just does his job until the next day. He just goes through the motions. However, as Ethan is put into a severe predicament of saving his father from life and death, his true personality appears. He is a very sentimental and compassionate man when put into situations that are close to his heart. I would not want to have these characteristics, but my own dad is this same way. He always makes sure not to cry in front of us kids, and if he does, he hides it very well! Also, he works constantly. It is hard for him to just sit, relax, and have a good time. However, deep down he is a very sweet man, slightly feminine. It is just hard for him to just cut the chains and be himself.

Blog 4/1/11 Tyler Allison

In my book the main characters name is Deet. He is a very very shy boy. He has grown up pretty sheltered and alone. He does not talk much but he has a lot of thoughts in his head. I feel bad for him but he does have friends. I would compare him to Travis Potzner. Travis has a lot of friends but he is quiet unless spoken too.


Tuesdays with Morrie. By Mitch Albom. Nellie Wilson. Period 7. English 3. Mrs.Sheffield.

The character I like most is Morrie. Morrie is the person who, no matter what will keep you smiling, he is positive about life, and he knows he is dying he still in happy. Yes, I would love to have a better, a more positive outlook on life and dying. Morrie reminds me of my uncle Gordan, when he was in the hospice, and dying of a nasty horrible disease that took his life, 2 years ago. Well, my uncle was here, he was positive about dying and where he would go. Always telling us not to worry about being separated, because we will all be together soon.
Water for Elephants
Sara Gruen
pg. 119
My favorite character would be the main character, Jacob, because he is the only character I know that has a sense of morals. He cares for the animals and other people. Most of the characters just want to make money or do things the easiest way. Jacob treats everyone with respect and cares for everyone. I do want to be like this character and I think I am. I think I respect people and care for them. I want to get the job done the right way even if it means working harder.
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand pg. 348 My favorite character in this book is Louie, the main character. Throughout the book several new characters were introduced, but since it was during war, Louie didn't see them for a long period of time, so I didn't get to know others as well. I like to see all the things he has experienced and the way he handled them. He changed so much from when he was a kid to after the war, and that is very interesting. Louie is nice to people, and he is also very competitive. He ran track in the Olympics. I like him because he likes a lot of the things I like. I also like how he handles different situations. He always stays calm and is thankful for everything he has no matter what situation he is in. I would definitely want some of the traits he has. He is strong because he went through so much in POW camps, and that is a trait I would like to have. It might sound weird, but he reminds me of Kenny Chesney. I went to a concert of his recently, and they sound a lot alike. They both grew up in a regular town and became famous for what they had done. They both also show content with their lives and are thankful for what they have. Kenny does this with his music, while Louie does it through any situation he is in, especially while talking to other people.
by: Laurie Halse Anderson

My favorite character in this book would have to be the main character Melinda Sordino. The reason that I like this character the best is because she is true to herself and her thoughts. She goes through high school being an outcast and she knows about it but she doesn't really care. She wears unusual clothing and is awkward, but she doesn't care what others think about her at all which I think is a very good trait to have. I do wish I was better at not caring so much about what others think about me. Sometimes my actions and feelings are based on what other people are doing and I wish I was better at staying true to myself.
Denton Hopkins
Friday Night Lights
Buzz Bissinger
Pg. 1-25

Since we only have to read one book this quarter, I decided to switch my reading choice. I decided to read Friday Night Lights by Buzz Bissinger. My favorite character in this book is Mike Winchell. Mike Winchell is the quarterback for odessa permian's high school football team. He's a quite young man who leads by example rather than with words. He also takes care of his mother ,because his father is gone and she is quite sick. He's respectable and upstanding, and seems like the kind of guy I would look up too.
Anthony Horowitz
pg 162

My favorite character in the series is definitely Sabina, but she isn't in this book much because she moved to America at the end of the last one, so I should probably say my second favorite, Alex. He seems to get into the craziest predicaments and I like how he handles them with more maturity than he should have at 14 years old. I like the fact that he acts so mature in such crazy situations even though he's so young. I also feel bad for him though because he's lost his childhood. I can somewhat relate because of the responsibilities of my jobs, which take up almost all of my free time. Alex also amazes me with his physical abilities. He isn't in any sports because he hasn't been to school in a long time but he's still supposedly in perfect shape. Alex has been forced to grow up much faster than he should have, but this is now shaping his life in SCORPIA. If he hadn't had to, his life now would be much harder.
Nineteen Minutes
Jodie Picoult
pg. 23

My favorite character is Josie. I do not know a lot about her but there are some characteristics that we share. We are around the same age and as of right now she seems to have a similar personality to mean. She seems like she is very nice and loves being around people, as do I. It seems like she has a good relationship with her mother, her friends, and her boyfriend. The one thing I don't like is that she does not eat breakfast, and that is something that I have to do! She is smart and gives a good effort in what she does. As far as I know right now, she does not play any sports and that is something I do almost everyday and I could not imagine my life without them. I am very curious to learn more about this character and relate to her even more.

A sporting chance

I just started this book and its more about a guys personal experience so their are no different characters.

the final warning

by James Patterson pg 1-25 My favorite character so far is Max. I like him because he is just a normal person who can fly and he is smart and cautious because of his ablity. yes i wish i had some of the same traits as him because it would be cool to be only 98% human and have the ability to fly. it would also be cool because even though they are in their teens they do not have to go to school.
Silver Fin
Charlie Higson
pg. 8
There has only been one character in this book so far, i don't know his name and i don't really want to be like him. He is sneaky and sly, he breaks into stores and private property then steals and poaches. A person/character that is similar to this character is James Bond, except James Bond is a good-guy.


Rangers Apprentice
by John Flanagan
pg 26- 58

My favorite character in the book happens to also be the main character. His name is will and he lives in a medieval land where the king is at war with an evil old king that wants to take back his kingdom. He is a very quite boy that is not usually heard except when his friends speak for him. He is very small for 15, i imagine him looking like logan Madrid, because he is short and doesnt have a very good muscular structure. I would can relate to him because i am very quite and dont talk to very many people. But i dont look like him, im pretty un-small. I think it would be very fun to be in his shoes. He will become a ranger which means he will shoot people with arrows. That would be a fun job.

What is it that you like about this character?

A Quiet Belief in Angels
R.J. Ellory
pg. 141

My favorite character would have to be Joseph Vaughn. At this point Joseph is only eighteen but is already an impressive writer and a noble/determined boy. When he was fifteen and all the young girls were being raped and murdered he took it upon himself to form The Guardians. Although they were so young, they were determined to make a difference. He is also very mature for his age. He had to become mature when his father died. If I had to choose one of his traits to have, it would be his faith in himself.. He truly has faith in himself and believes he can and will make a difference in the lives of young girls. He also has faith in other people that they are also doing every thing they can to save the girls. I don't really know any one that is similar to Joseph's character.