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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Alyssa's Blog

Two examples of forshadowing in my book would be one, when Christopher is told by his father to "not be nosing in peoples buisness, and not talking to people about the dogs murder" but Christopher had gone and done it anyway. I knew he would, just by the way he was so intense with the murder. Another one would be how I knew that his mother wasnt really dead. You could tell by how his father reacted when it came to Christopher asking questions about her. Both of the examples were pretty much straight forward. The one about Christophers mother not really being dead wasnt a giveaway, it was more in the text and how he described the characters reacting to it. Christopher could not have noticed it. He focuses alot on specific things since he is autistic, and I dont think it would have been so easy. He would have been trying to figure out if it were something involving it. He could im sure if he tried hard enough, but it wasnt that much of a giveaway.


  1. this sounds like a sad book. I hate when people talk about people dying and then someone ends up dead.

  2. Did characters other than the autistic boy notice the forshadowing, or could they have?


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