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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Breathing UNderwater
Alex Flinn
Pg. 105
My first example would be when Nick when out to find his car missing. I knew then ad there that his dad had sold it for the trouble Nick had gotten into. Sure enough, Nick goes inside to find that it had been sold. Nick argued that it was his car, but his dad had payed for it. Another example would be when Nick had gotten a letter fromo the county. We both knew prior to opening it was a court date. Nick opened the letter to recieve that date and time of court for his actions. That is when he got the restraining order and "class" demanded.

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  1. What kind of trouble had Nick gotten into? I would've thought that he may have kept the car to use to bargain with Nick to stay out of trouble. It seems that the kind of trouble he is in is serious since he has a court date set. Also a restraining order is a very harsh punishment.


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