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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anthony Horowitz
pg 176

The biggest injustice so far that we have seen in the book and in the series would be the lies that MI6 has fed to Alex. They tricked him into working for them, saying his parents died in a plane crash and that they had worked for MI6. What SCORPIA has revealed to Alex and the reader is that Alex's father was actually a part of SCORPIA and that he was shot by MI6. Mrs. Jones, one of the two people who tricked Alex into joining MI6, was actually the one that ordered the snipers to shoot Alex's father down that day on St. Albert's Bridge. He had come to trust her and the others at MI6 until he met Julia Rothman, the member of SCORPIA who brought all this to light. If there would be charges pressed against the British inteligence service, it would probably have something to do with confidenciality and exploiting Alex as a minor. This would be pretty much impossible to prove though because both Alex and his housekeeper Jack were forced to sign an offical secrets act. They are not allowed to talk about his "spy" life, even though Alex has found a few close friends to confide in. Also, MI6 is basically like the CIA or FBI. They can make anyone disappear, and definately wouldn't suffer any repercussions from their lies and exploits.

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