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Thursday, April 28, 2011

By Laura Hillenbrand
pg. 365

One unjust moment by the main character, Louie, was when he was a kid and stole everything he could. He grew up in a poor family and had to take what he needed. I wouldn't report him since he needed food and stuff, but I would report him for stealing other things. Evidence I would use would be the key he used to break into locks. They told him when he got it that it had a 50% chance of unlocking any lock. That would be a big piece of evidence that could get him in trouble. Other than that there wouldn't be a lot of evidence. If there was specific items that people saw him with that were reported stolen that could be used as evidence. In the time period there wasn't surveillance cameras so it would be hard to get video evidence of him actually stealing.

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  1. Why is his family so poor? Does Louie's parents not have a job or what? I would have to agree that the key that he used to unlock the locks with would be a very helpful poece of evidence.


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