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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Am Number Four
Pittacus Lore
pg. 28

I am not very far, as I just started a new book, but I have seen at least one example of foreshadowing. In my book so far, there are a group of people from the planet Lorien who came to Earth to escape another group of alliens called Mogadorians who are trying to hunt him and 8 others. Each of the people from the planet Lorien are classified with numbers; the main character is Number Four. Number Four has moved several times to keep his identity a secret changing his name along the way. In this new place, his name is John Smith. At his new school he met a girl named Sarah Hart and she was not like any other girl he had met. When she touched him, he got a tingling feeling and he felt different around her and in her presence. So onto the foreshadowing part... As he went to his first class and started to enter the room, the reader could already tell that Sarah was in the room because John got that tingling feeling again. Sarah did end up having the same class as him, sitting 3 rows infront of him. This foreshadowing was obvious because of John's previous actions to seeing Sarah. These signs were for the reader and the character, John. He could feel this too. This makes it for an interesting start to the book.

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  1. What exactly does that tingling feeling mean?? Does it happen because he's an alien or because he's just nervous??


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