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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hanna Feller
The Summer I Turned Pretty
Jenny Han
End of Book
I think that the only injustice within this book is that throughout the entire book Susanna, Conrad and Jerimiah's mom, was battling with cancer and she wanted to have a normal summer with the people she loved. Belly and her brother had been going to the beach house ever since they were little. This would be the last summer they all would be together, because Conrad and her older brother were going off to college. Belly has had a crush on both of the boys since she was little, and she is determined that this will be the summer that she gets one of them. Belly goes on throughout the summer worrying about boys and other drama, while Susanna is suffering with cancer back at the house. Towards the end of the book Susanna tells all the kids that her cancer is back and this was really, the last summer with her. I do and don't think it was right because she was the one who wanted a normal summer with all of them, but it would have been nice of her to mention it so Belly could have spent more time with her. I would just say that I couldn't really report it, but Susanna should have told the kids a little sooner than the end of the summer. Th proof would just be that Belly, Conrad, Jer, and her brother were all very sad and they wished they could have had more time with her before the cancer took her away.

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