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Friday, April 1, 2011

Silver Fin
Charlie Higson
pg. 8
There has only been one character in this book so far, i don't know his name and i don't really want to be like him. He is sneaky and sly, he breaks into stores and private property then steals and poaches. A person/character that is similar to this character is James Bond, except James Bond is a good-guy.


  1. It is odd to me that they have not mentioned the character's name and that there is only one character in the book so far. In the book I am reading, they introduced many characters right away, which can also be confusing. What kind of stores does he break into and what does he take? I like the comparison that you made to your character and James Bond!

  2. I remember hearing the name of that book before. Doesn't it have James Bond in it? And I agree with Tess-it is very confusing when an author introduces many characters at once. I like it when they five you some time to get to know the characters, so you can distinguish them from others.


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