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Monday, April 25, 2011


Rangers Apprentice
by John Fanagan
102- 177
The most injust thing that has happened in the book thus far is probably The ranger Halt not letting Will participate in anything. There is a war going on and the king need evey man he can get but Halt will still not let Will take part in any of the battles or even recon the enemy. This is very unfare to Will because he has been training hard for months and now that there is a problem he doesnt get to do anything. This just proves that Halt is beening over proteective of his new apprentice. This is just like parents and i think Halt has grown to like Will more than he says he does.


  1. Maybe Halt is potentially saving Will's life by not letting him participate in any of the battles. Will could have been killed in any of those battles. It sounds like Halt is just trying to look out for Will.

  2. It seems that Will is just not ready to participate. Halt must see that Will is not ready either emotionally or physically for his battles. Will my see that it's unfair, but Halt may see it as a favor to Will. I wonder if Will reminds Halt of someone he left when he went to the battles? That could explain why he is so protective.


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