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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ninteen Minutes
Jodie Picoult

When Alexandria is pregnant she wants to abort her baby or give it up for adoption. She misses her appointments and she later decides that she will keep her baby. The reader knows that she will keep her baby because of the decisions that she makes. The reader knows of this and so does some of the characters such as Lacy who helps her get through her pregnancy. This was easy to notice and it was pretty obvious. Another thing that was forshadowed was who the shooter was at the school. Someone found him in the locker room holding the gun with people lying dead around him. This was obvious as well because he was holding a gun. The characters also knew of this as one character was the one who found him in the locker room.


  1. These were easy to pick out, are there any hints as to how she feels about the baby throughout the story, like when she changes her mind about keeping it? Also, where is the dad?

  2. I would have to agree with emily and say that these were very obvious. I think that the author should have made it somewhat more difficult instead of just showing them so easily.


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