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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nineteen Minutes
Jodie Picoult
pg. 70

So far in the book there has been one major injustice or crime. A teenage boy, Peter, who attends Sterling High School decided to go on a rampage. He had brought a gun to school and he started shooting his classmates and other high school students. Some of them were found dead like Josie's boyfriend, Matt. Others were wounded in the incident like Josie was. Ambulances were busy transporting students to the hospitals and other people like Patrick were busy finding all the bodies in the school. When he entered the locker room, he saw Peter there with a gun, giving evidence that he was the shooter. Patrick took the gun away and the police arrested Peter. This is also proving that Peter is guilty of the crime. Not only did Peter give an injustice to another character, but he gave an injustice to many characters.

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