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Thursday, April 28, 2011

House Rules
Jodi Picoult
Pg. 320

An injustice act in my book would be that someone killed Jess. Jess was Jacob's teacher he would see everyday to help him with his Asperger's syndrome. No one quite knows he killed her yet, but the crime scene i nvestigators are getting closer to finding out who it was who killed her each and every day. If I were able to bring injustice to light I would report the crime that, really, no one killed her. She was found originally in her bathroom where she was first seen dead, but then Jacob moved her out into her backyard to make the crime seen. It is kind of obvious that Jacob did not do the crime and kill Jess because he lover her and also did her boyfriend, Mark. Theo was there at the crime scene as well but he had no hatred towards Jess and could not have committed the murder. Afterall, Jess was the one person who took Jacob away from Theo and it was always sometimes peaceful to have Jacob away for awhile. Some evidence I would report would also be that there was a big puddle on her bathroom floor, so, therefore she could have slipped and hit her head. She had no bullets go through her or anything that made it seem like someone had murdered her. It was all by accident that she died and it was no ones fault. More proof would be that if you would look at the sink you could see marks to where she did hit her head just hard enough to kill herself.

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