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Friday, April 29, 2011

Alyssa's Blog

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime
Mark Haddon
Page 54

In the book, Christopher was looking for his journal that his dad had taken from him. He had looked everywhere except for his room and when he finally went into his room he found it among other things. He had discovered some letters from his "dead" mom, written to Christopher. It took a little while before Christopher realized that his mother wasnt really dead and that his father had lied to him the whole time. I would say that you cant really consider this a crime, because Christophers father had been lying to Christopher for his own good. Or atleast that is what he thought. But even though this isnt really considered a crime I would say that the evidence would consist of how Christopher had reacted to his fathers lies. First off, Christopher has a lot of problems with liars, and he doesnt react to them well. He thinks that lying is a horrible thing and he does not lie unless it is a white lie. He thinks that a white lie is okay. When Christopher had realized his father had lied to him he became sick on his dads bed, and blacked out for a while and didnt really know what to think. He was very "blank minded" so to speak. When Christophers father came home and found Christopher on his bed, he was furious, but when he realized what he had found, he tried to tell Christopher why he had lied to him and Christopher couldnt say anything, or do anything to respond to him. He was so stunned. I havnet finnished the rest of this scene to know what had happened next, but I would imagine it doesnt turn out that well considereing the sickness that Christopher is diagnosed with.

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