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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Breathing Underwater
Alex Flinn
Pg. 140
The main reason for this book is for the unjustice part. Nick has assulter his girl friend. He had recieved a court date where he got a restraining order and a mandatory class. If i saw this I wouldnt do much about it unless it got real bad. The only evidence one could have is pictures, videos, or marks on the victim. The thing is, you have to get the vicitm to show those marks. A bystander could report it, and someone may follow up. I have been in a situation similar but it never got taken this far.

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  1. NIck does not sound like a very good person. Why do you think the victim would not show their marks? Because if I was even in a situation like that I would so that the person who did that to me would be taken away so they would not be able to harm me anymore. Hope you enjoy the rest of your book! :)


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