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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Window
Jeanette Ingold
Done with book
Before the book has actually started, Mandy, the main character, and her mom have gotten in a car accident. Mandy's mother died a few days after the crash and Mandy was blinded. They had been turning a corner when a truck crashed into them. Mandy's mom wasn't wearing a seat belt and was sent flying through the window into a light pole. Mandy was wearing hers, but she was still thrown forward and she slammed her head on the dashboard, causing her to lose her sight. If I had been standing on the corner near them, or had been driving in a car at the intersection, I would have immediately called 911. The proof would be pretty clear, since one person is dead and another has lost their vision. Not to mention the wrecked cars.

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  1. The evidence is pretty clear. It sounds a little like my post. This reminds me of the speaker that was here the Friday before prom. This just goes to show that you really have to be careful and aware of everyone else on the road, and also to be considerate of others.


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