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Friday, April 22, 2011

Quarter 4 blog

Describe two examples of foreshadowing in the novel you are reading. Did you find the hint of future events subtle or obvious? Could the characters have noticed the signs or were they for the reader only?

The Mentor leader
By Tony Dungy
The main character, Tony, foreshadows that he is going to step down from coaching the Colts professional football team. He uses many different hints to show this including, saying that he needed to put his family first, life isn't all about winning, and that by being a mentor leader, he had taught others on the staff how to lead the team to win games. I thought that the hints leading up to this event were very subtle, because he didn't come straight out and say that in order to put his family first he needed to stop coaching. It sounded more like he just needed to manage his priorities a little better and get out of the office earlier. I also think that the other characters could have noticed the signs, but didn't because they were too caught up in the season, and coaching. One of his close staff members was having the same problems and worked late hours everyday, so instead of going home to see his family, the man's family came to him. This opened Tony's eyes to the things he needed to change in his own life, and also foreshadowed more obviously that Tony was going to make a change.

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  1. i am reading quiet strenght by tony i like the way he always puts God and his family before work. the book sounds pretty interesting.


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