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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Safe At Home
Mike Lupica
End of Book

The first example of foreshadowing that is displayed is the fact that the varsity coach was watching the younger kids practice. He was watching for a few days and the players had talked about him possibly bringing someone up or a couple kids. This was obvious for all the characters. The second foreshadowing would be when Nick is talked to by his parents and teachers about how his grades are getting bad and he might not be able to play baseball. At first he did not understand or listen to them or take the hint. But eventually his grades turned out to hurt him and he wished that he would have listened to him. So Nick was unable to see this foreshadowing hint.


  1. How old was Nick? If he would have had better grades would he have made varsity?

  2. I think Nick did the right idea and listened to his parents. It is important to keep your grades up while involved with a sport, and even if you are not in a sport. Why did he not want to listen to his parents at first? Hope you liked your book!:)


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