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Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog 4/29/11 Tyler Allison

Do Not Pass Go
Kirkpatrick Hill
pg. 125

In my book so far there is only two big injustices i can think of. Deet is the main character and he has two younger sisters and his mom. His dad was sent to jail for drug charges. When Deets mom found this out she told him right away but did not tell the Girls. I think that this is the first injustice because they are keeping information from them that they should know. If i was in there position i think i would freak out if they did not tell me this right away. The second thing goes along with the first one. They eventually tell the girls that their dad is in jail but they don't say that it is for drugs. I think that lying is most of the time a injustice to someone. I think it would be better for them to hear the truth so that they don't hear it from another source. I think that Deet and his mom should tell them the truth before anyone else does.


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