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Friday, April 1, 2011

The rescue by nicholas sparks pg. 320 My favorite character is kyle. I like him because he is a quiet, shy, little kid. He is obientant and always listens to his mother. He is never disrespectful, or getting into trouble. He has a caring gentle heart. He doen't hold a gruge. He has a disablity that makes it so his speach isn't well. I wish i was as obentiant as him. He reminds me of my friend Joe. Joe is a nice guy that is always doing good. He never talks back to his parents. When he was little he also had a problem talking. He had to go to speech lessons so that his speech would be up to par with the normal people. Joe is a quiet, shy guy. Last year joe was in a car crash, just like what kyle went through, only when joe crashed he didn't run away like kyle.

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