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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Secret Year
by: Jennifer R. Hubbard

One of the unjust events that occurred in this book, is when three of Colt's(main character) friends go over to Groome's house and slash his tires on his car. They did this out of hatred and anger toward the rich kids and had no reason for doing this. If I could bring this crime out into the open I would call it trespassing and vandalism. There probably wouldn't be too much evidence if nobody was around to see it. The only way they would know it was them, would be because of the way they treat Groome at school and their noticeable hatred towards him.

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  1. Maybe they could find the knife used to slash the tires. They could also question everybody at school. If you were in their shoes, why would you be angry at the rich kids? Did they find justice in slashing the tires?


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