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Friday, April 22, 2011

Tyler Allison Blog 4/22/11

So far in my book it has been hard to find examples of forshadowing but i think i have two. Earlier in the book it was talkiing about how Deet and his family were struggling with money. This made Deets dad have to get two jobs, a day and night job, to keep there family going. When i read this i thought that something bad was going to happen because when a story starts out pretty negative i think it would get worse before it got better. It turns out that Deets dad was taking drugs to keep him awake for his jobs. He ended up going to jail, i didnt predict this but it was bad. My second example is the cover of the book. It has a metal fence with barbed wire on the top of it. I figured this would have something to do with jail but i did not guess it would be the main characters dad. The cover of the book was an easy forshadow but deets dad going to jail was a hard one.


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