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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quarter 4, Blog 4

Kyle Weber
Larry Bird

This book is an autobiography, so there is not a specific plot line. There isn't a specific crime commited. But I was able to find an injustice, even though it is not a crime against society. Larry Bird's father commited suicide. This is an injustice to his family, because he took his life away from his family. His family needed him. They were stuggling financially, and his income was a big help. But he thought he could be of greater use by giving his family the life insurance payments from his death. But I'm sure that anyone of his family members would have traded that money for the company of their father. They needed his guidance throughout life, and he was not able to give it to them. That is why his suicide is an injustice.


  1. How old was Larry and his siblings, if he had any, when the father committed suicide? I think that would affect the amount of injustice it caused. If they were older they would benefit from the money from his will and insurance, but if they were young they would have to grow up without a father.

  2. I agree with Tyler. If they were older it may have had a lighter dent on their life. I think that suicide is always an injustice because no one wins. The person destroys their gift of life and it hurts the others around them. I think that this was a big injustice.



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