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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'll Walk Alone
Mary Higgins Clark
pg. 65
The main event in this story is that two years ago Zan's 3 year old son was kidnapped. His babysitter took him to the park where she fell asleep and someone stole Matthew. It is bad enough that Zan has to relive her son's disappearance every year on his birthday, but now someone is using her credit cards. Worse yet, someone sent a photo to the media of a picture of Zan kidnapping her own son. The reader knows Zan didn't do it, but we don't know who. i think the injustice is that someone dressed up like Zan and kidnapped her child, inorder to put the blame on her. I think this person will pay for the crime when Zan tries to find who is using her credit cards and who the real person in the photo is.


  1. Why would anyone believe that someone would kidnap their own kid? Whoever took the boy is not very good at framing people.

    Do you think that Matthew is still alive? How long ago was he kidnapped?

  2. That is awful! I can't imagine first of all dealing with the pain of your child being kidnapped and then someone framing and blaming her. That is awful! Do you have any ideas of who it is?


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