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Friday, April 1, 2011

Tuesdays with Morrie. By Mitch Albom. Nellie Wilson. Period 7. English 3. Mrs.Sheffield.

The character I like most is Morrie. Morrie is the person who, no matter what will keep you smiling, he is positive about life, and he knows he is dying he still in happy. Yes, I would love to have a better, a more positive outlook on life and dying. Morrie reminds me of my uncle Gordan, when he was in the hospice, and dying of a nasty horrible disease that took his life, 2 years ago. Well, my uncle was here, he was positive about dying and where he would go. Always telling us not to worry about being separated, because we will all be together soon.

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  1. I like this character as well. I also wish that I could have a more positive outlook on life more often.


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