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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Screwtape Letters
C. S. Lewis
pg. 75
This book is kind of hard to find any foreshadowing. It is about a demon writing to his nephew, an apprentice demon. The uncle is trying to teach his nephew how to manipulate a human (the patient) into commiting sins and bringing them to Hell. Recently the patient converted to Christianity but has been laxing in his faith. I think eventually he will fall away from the Church because others will persuade him to. This isn't really obvious, it is just a guess. The reader doesn't know what will happen, but the Uncle is good at reading the humans actions and predicting what they will do. Another foreshadowing example would be that I don't think this particular patient will be sent to Hell. Once again this is just a guess (the author didn't leave many hints), but I think this because this book seems so dark and sad that there has to be a happy ending. I don't think any of the characters or the reader will see the signs until the end of the book.

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  1. Wow this book sounds interesting! Just from the first part I would predict that there will be troubles with the apprentice getting the patient to commit sin, but then with the help of his uncle, he wil almost be successful, but then they fail. Because it is by C.S. Lewis, my guess is that the patient wil be triumphant in the end. This reminds me of the Sorcerers Apprentice.


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