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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Safe At Home

Mike Lupica

End of book

I believe that one of his teamates do injustice to him. He abuses him verbally and discourages him greatly. He tells him that he does not deserve a spot on the team and that he should just quit playing baseball. Although there is not a real crime for this, its a terrible thing to do. It will not help your team and there will be consequences for doing that. This was obvious in the very first game that they played after Nick threw the ball way over the second basemans head and let two runs score on the play, the pitcher for their team got mad and discouraged Nick, and the pitcher got in trouble by the coach.

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  1. I think these kind of actions happen a lot on most all sport teams. If the players don't get along, there is no chance of having a successful team and this hurts everyone, not just those few players which is a real shame.


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