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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fallan Stark
Wendelin van Draanen

Describe an event in this book where one character does an injustice to another. If you were able to bring this injustice to light, what crime would you report and what kind of evidence might you point out as proof of the crime?

There are quite a few instances. Holly is only 13 and she is all on her own; she ran away from foster care. Therefore, she has nothing. She has to steal to get stuff. One time she found a place that already had a mattress and a sleeping bag and bags of aluminum cans-it was another homeless person's stuff. She stole it all and reedeemed the cans. The owner was a big, biker guy who had a vicious bulldog. And he was waiting for her at the bus stop..I wouldn't really wouldn't report this because it probably wouldn't even be considered by the court. But he twists them a certain way that cannot be dupliated, proving the cans are his.
Also, Eddie killed another man, because he owed the man money. I would have the evidence of the crime scene. He was under the influence of drugs so he wasn't thinking clearly, therefore he probably left behind evidence like hair or something. Also the crime scene consists of a bloody dead body then several feet later there lies a crashed van and 2 deceased passengers. Surely they would be able to figure out what happened with all the evidence, and the advanced technologies of what they can do now by testing the bodies.

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