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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Am Number Four
Pittacus Lore
pg. 75

I am not very far in my book, but there already has been an unjustice. John is new in school and already encountered the school bully, but this bully is different. The bully's name is Mark and he is only a bully to someone when they associate or even talk to his ex-girlfriend, Sarah. Of course, John talked to Sarah and he even thought she was beautiful. Mark started picking on John in his Astrology class. Mark tripped John and made him fall and scatter all of his things across the floor. The teacher didn't really see what happened, so there really is no proof. Later, Mark stole John's cell phone and refuses to return it unless John meets him after school (aka fight him). Even though Mark has John's phone, Sarah steals it back and returns it to John. When Sarah returns the phone, she apologizes for Mark and explains why he is doing the things to John that he is doing. She explains how that this is probably only the beginning if they keep talking to each other. I wouldn't really be able to bring this justice to light because no one would do anything. It is a classic bully case. Bully's never usually get taken care of; they always weasel their way out of getting in trouble. In addition, there is no proof because no one saw anything. John will just have to deal with it and keep his head held high.

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