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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nicholas Morrison
Charlie Higson
pg. 1 to End of Book
In SilverFin, Lord Hellebore tests his new experimental steroids on a man named Meatpacker. This type of injection makes you taller, more muscular, gives you more courage, and less prone to pain. But Hellebore is still testing out this knew drug and deformities happen all the time. Unfortunately, Meatpacker did not live through his series of injections and died pretty quickly. Lord Hellebore dumped Meatpacker's body into the lake right outside his castle to get rid of the body. If I were to report this crime, I think it would be considered murder, littering, and illegal experimentation of human people.


  1. That's really weird. Is this guy a scientist or something? I would agree with you on reporting this. It's bad! Think he'll get caught?

  2. I love the name Meatpacker. I would report it if i saw it as well. This is just very cruel. Is this book sifi?It sounds like a movie would be good, but it doe snot sound like a good read. Hope you enjoy and liik forward to more posts.

  3. Those are all crimes that he could be convicted of. Does he alter the steroids at all?


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