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Friday, April 29, 2011

The rescue
by nickolas sparks
P. 189
Taylor is a firefighter and one day he is on the call. there is a huge fire in this building. Taylor goes and tryes to find the people that are inside the biulding that needs to be safed. He got out the children and they are all fine, but there is still one more person inside the building. He goes back in and trys to find the missing person. The person is up in the atic passed out. Taylor trys to safe the person, but taylor keeps running out of breathe. Taylor is about to die himself because the fire smoke and the fire is getting bigger. Taylor doesnt have the engery to lift the person. He cant safe him. Taylor runs out of the building right as it collaspes to the ground. Taylor finds out that the person was his best friend, and he is now dead. Taylor feels that he killed his friend, just like he killled his dad. He feels it was all his fault and that if he knew it was him he might have been able to save him. Taylor now does everything in his nature to help his best friend's family out. He plays with the kids, and helps the mom out anyway taylor cans. After that night Taylor ingores Denise, his girl friend, and focuses his time on his best friends family.

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