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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A. Lafaye

I would say one big foeshadowing event would be when Nathan got his leg broke, because now his father didnt have anyone to help him on the farm and he would have to find some help of some kind. I think that it was pretty obvious. I think that Nathan should of seen it coming, even though now he has to put up with someone new and watch them work on the farm and while he lays on his bed all day recooperating. another event would be again when he got his leg broken but for another reason. His mother fixes little trinkets like clocks and things like that. So when Nathan couldnt help on the farm he needed someother way to help out his family. So now he helps fix trinkets for another income. I think it wasnt as obvious. Nathan probably had no idea that it coming but he thought of the idea himself.

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