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Friday, April 29, 2011

Tyler Sandquist
Going Bovine
Libba Bray

Cameron does and injustice to Gonzo by using the fact that he is a midget to his advantage. At some points in the book Gonzo is aware of this fact but there are other times when he is not. At one point Cameron and Gonzo are trying to get into a club in New Orleans to meet with a famous jazz musician named Junior Webster and the security guard at the door wont let them in so Cameron takes the man off to the side and claims that Gonzo is a part of the make a wish foundation and his last dying wish is to meet his idol Junior Webster which is definitely not true but it does allow them to get into the location. I would let Gonzo know that his friend is manipulating his height challengedness to get into special places.

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  1. It sounds that Cameron is really not a true friend. Have they always been friends? Do you think Cameron would be ok with it if he knew? If it was benefiting him, I think he would be ok with it personally.


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