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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Going Bovine
Libba Bray
pages 1-32

I'm barely into my book so far and already there has been some good foreshadowing. When we first meet the main character he talks about a near death experience he once had at disney land which became obvious to the reader that he will most likely be having more near death experiences to come shortly. Another good example was when the main character was at home all by himself partaking in some illegal substances when he saw a flash and followed it which led him to find a feather in his room with writing on it. He blamed it on the substance he had been using previously but to us it was a sign that a few very supernatural things would be happening.


  1. Did these foreshadowing things seem obvious to the reader or the characters or both? Did the character kind of know what was going to happen? Do you think he knows what will happen?

  2. What kind of near death experiences do you think will happen? Do you think they will involve more supernatural things, or will it be more realistic deaths? Sounds like an interesting books!

  3. Do you think he will eventually be on the wrong end of a near death experience. If so, how soon do you believe it will happen?


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