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Friday, April 22, 2011

Fallan Stark
Wendelin Van Draanen

Describe two examples of foreshadowing in the novel you are reading. Did you find the hint of future events subtle or obvious? Could the characters have noticed the signs or were they for the reader only?

She talks about how she misses her mother and that she is mad at Eddie for ruining their lives. That foreshadows that she will explain what happened to her mother and that Eddie did to ruin their lives. Later in the books she goes on to explain that they were living in a van after her dad died in a tractor accident and her mom meets Eddie, who is a drug dealer and he owed some guy money. The guy follows the three of them when they are in the van and Eddie gets out, then comes back with blood all over him and he tries to drive away. He is in such a frenzy after he murdered that man that he can not drive correctly and swirves of the side of the road, ending his and her mother's life. This is subtle because she may or may not have explained the reasoning. This was directed to the reader only because for a good portion of the book, she is alone and has no one to explain it to.
She also talks about that she will become a sea gypsy so then it goes onto her migrating west to California to live on the beach and swim with the dolphins. This was obvious because seh said that was what she wanted to do so she did it. This is also for the reader, she rearley encounters anyone so she has no one to tell her aspirations to.

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  1. Ok, first question-does "she" have a name? I mean, I get that she's the main character, just that I don't know her name. Second question-was Eddie her mother's boyfriend? Third question-why did she runaway?


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