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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ian Hopkins
The final Warning

Well so far there were the group of people who dispise tghis one person. This group of people who was very tough. They thought they were old anough that crying wasn't part of there vocabulary. So one day they took this kid name Ari. Everyone who new that kid didn't want a part of him. Sop that group brought him to the railroad tracks and beat him up until he just about die. They curve stop Ari head into the curve and just about killed him with a broken neck. Later on one of those people in the group found out that Ari was his step brother and they was very shocked and confussed. But once they found out about Ari theyb didn't know that he was getting ready to die. So a few months went bye and Ari died. They describe all the levels of pain that they went threw and they said this was the worse feeling that they ever had.

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