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Friday, August 27, 2010

Emily Wisecup
Crocodile Tears
Anthony Horowitz
pg 22
So far the story has told about how a nuclear power plant in Chenai was destroyed by a rogue worker. They describe how the charity First Aid came to the rescue. Then it jumps to Alex Rider's story. He is currently in Scottland with his friend Sabina and her family. They are getting ready to go to a New Years party at a Scottish castle held by the owner of First Aid. Sabina's father is a journalist so he got tickets to the extravagent party to interview him.

I predict that Sabina, Alex, and her father will leave the party early. None of them were really in the mood to go to it in the first place.

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  1. i have read a lot of Anthony Horowitz books and i like them all. is this one of the new ALEX RIDER books? i stopped at arch angel i think?...but anyways. sounds interesting. =)



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