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Thursday, August 26, 2010

McKaila von Rentzell
By Alyson Noel
pg. 42

This book is about the life of Ever who is a teenager whom suffered from a car crash which changed her life. Ever is beautiful, blonde sixteen year old, but hides her beautiful looks hiding behind hoodies and her iPod. She had to move to her aunt Sabine's house because of deadly car crash that caused her whole family to die except for her. She of course blamed herself for the accident, but it really wasn't her fault. Ever since Ever's car crash she has became pshycic and has been able to hear people's thoughts, see their auras, and can know their life story by touching them. She tries to avoid people's touch, because when she touches someone, it makes Ever tire easily and very weak. Ever's best and only friends are Haven and Miles. They are always there for Ever and insist she doesn't wear hoodies anymore to show her true beauty. One day at school, a new student arrived. His name was Damon and he was who everyone was talking about. Damon was gorgeous and everyone wanted to be close to him. In Ever's English class, Damon put right next to her. Ever tries to avoid him at all costs, but she can't help but look. Everyone was right, he was gorgeous. Not only gorgeous, but when he touched ever she felt warm and tingly instead of feeling a jolt when other people touch her. She wondered what was so different about Damon.

I think that Damon is holding a secret that he is not telling anyone. He seems to be talking to Ever a lot, even though she doesn't show much interest. I think he is trying to get Ever to like him and talk to him and to get to know him.

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