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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot Hand
Mike Lupica
Pg 165 (End of Book)
The trait Billy reveals the most is that he has to step up as a brother. His parents had divorced so Billy knows he needs to be the man of the house, especially since his mom is never home. When Ben gets beat up by Zeke the Geek, Billy beats Zeke up. He is always looking out for Ben, and asking him how he is doing. When it comes down to the championship game, and Bens piano recital fall on the same day, Billy is there for Ben. Billy also portrays a bit of a team player in some parts of the book. When Billy always wants to make the winning shot of the game, he thinks about his team, and giving them an equal opportunity. But on the other side, He is a bad team player. Billy is always wanting to make the last shot, he even wants to be the only shooter. Billy didn't show up to the Championship game until 4th quarter. Also, when his dad benched him for a game, Billy didn't show up to support the team. I have already explained how he revealed all these. Billy really plays with the plot in this story. You would think that he would have gone to the championship game, instead of the recital. When his dad suspends him from a game, that made the plot change from thinking he would play but he didnt even go.

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