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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chad's Awesome Blog!

The protagonist shows positive traits by how he plays with his team on the field, and off the field he is nice, smart, and dedicated. He works on football all the time and puts his team first. He has a job that he does very well. Some bad things are that he takes pills before the game to "hype up". Although he doesn't want to he gives into peer pressure. This is revealed on the bus before the first game. So far the way he plays has led them to two victories. The negative characteristic hasn't affected them yet, but I'm assuming that it will.


  1. This character sounds like he does not have much self confidence. He is allowing others to effect his decisions. I have a feeling also that this is going to have a negative impact on him in the future.

  2. i bet taking those pills will affect him real soon. He will regret it.

  3. Chad--You are forgetting the header on your posts. Be sure to include the title and page number of the book you are reading.


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