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Friday, September 24, 2010

Quarter 1 Blog 4

7th Heaven by James Patterson
I cant say that i have too many connections with this book. The characters are very different from anyone I know, and the setting is in a large city. One of the characters has to drive to work everyday, and to me that is like having to drive to Johnston everyday for soccer except that i don't get paid. Pidge and Hawk are the villians who are setting homes aflame just to get valuabes out of the house, I'm sure there are people like that in the world today with the way the economy is going. Their methods might not be as extreme as the ones in these books, but people are still stealing valuables in order to pay for their needs. Christine's husband Joe seems to be very stressed with his new job, and that connects with my life since school just started. Once he gets into things though his job smooths out, and I hope that school does the same thing for me. The story line of the book is much like that of oher James Patterson books, but that is the part i like because you always know you will like it if you have liked any of the other books. This book reminds me more of csi than any of the other books because they are examining the ash remains of bodies to find out if they were killed, or burned in the fire and it is very detailed and greusome.

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