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Friday, September 17, 2010

Denton Hopkins
Man on a Mission
by Rob Rains
end of book

In my book Tony faced an external conflict. His friend strongly encourages him not to play on a slow pitch softball team. Tony plays anyway,and throws out his arm. I do not agree with him playing ,because it hinders him for the rest of his career. His internal conflict could be that he had to decide when to retire. He decides to retire pretty early in his career. I definitley agree with that choice ,because he becomes a great manager.


  1. First of all i think that it is hilarious that he threw out his arm in slow pitch softball. lol. but i think that you are right. if the rest of his career was in jeopardy over playing softball i probably wouldn't have let him play.

  2. Denton, you always make marvelous posts. You and Pine hit the nail on the head. Tony made a stupid decision and it haunted him.


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