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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quarter 1, Blog 3

Tabitha Payne
TTYL by: Lauren Myracle
pg. 80-finished my book

I have just finished my book. There was a lot of conflicts throughout the story. If I were to pick an internal plot I think it would have to be what all goes on inside the girl's heads. Angela, Zoe, and Maddie all start to fight towards the end of the book. They fight with each other because they want to tell someone one thing and don't the next because they are scared what the other two girls will think. Like when Maddie had to tell Angela what happened at a party. Maddie wanted to tell her because she would understand and not freak out on her like Zoe would so Maddie tried to keep it a secret but she knew she needed to tall Zoe all about it. So she fought inside her mind on what to do and she had to think about it for a week before she finally told Zoe the whole story. An external conflict would be with the three girls and Jana Whitacker. Jana is like the snob/popular girl of the school and the three of them hate her. But when Maddie takes Jana home after school one day and didn't wait for Angela, Angela got mad at her and told Zoe and Zoe was mad because Maddie who hates Jana did a nice thing for her and Maddie got mad at Zoe and Angela because Maddie thinks that even if your best friends with two people doesn't mean that you can't have more than who is just in your little group. So Maddie, Zoe, and Angela fought for like 2 weeks and finally got resolved. The characters fixed their problems by talking to each other and actually listening to what they had to say. They fought in the process of making up but they did fix their conflicts and are still the three best friends. I do think that they did the right things because at first ya they are all best friends and should trust each other and seek advice but also they are their own person and if they were meant to be best friends then they would eventually make up and solve their problems.

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